Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beginning the Clean-Up

Water has finally receded into the banks of the Fox River. We experienced a challenging time reaching the house today as water was in-between being able to reach the house by boat and by foot. The south yard is now above the water level but the house is still surrounded by a foot or more on all sides. As you can see, it was high enough for a few kayakers to have a unique look.
This other picture is of Farnsworth House staffer Scott Lucas as he takes a first look at the loss of one of the largest trees on the property.

We were able to get an electrician into the house to thoroughly examine the electrical system. Electricity is now back on. Tomorrow, the HVAC system will be examined and brought back on line. This will allow us to fire up the dehumidifiers and further the drying process. Windows were also finally opened so much of the moisture captured in the house has diminished.

A good part of the day was also dedicated to talking with media. The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, NPR and Beacon News were just some of the many who interviewed Landmarks Illinois staff and myself. We even got a call from a news helicopter who was trying to find the house from the air.

We appreciate the donations many people have already started to give. They are very much needed and will go a long way in helping restore the house.

Whitney French
Site Director for the Farnsworth House operator - Landmarks Illinois
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