Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drying Things Out

We were able to get an HVAC technician out today. After spending much of the day in the mechanical room of the house, he was able to get the west dehumidifier running again. The Farnsworth House has two dehumidifiers—one for the west side of the house and one for the east. The east-side humidifier will be fixed tomorrow. As of the end of the day the humidity level was down to 54%.

We did have a bit of luck. The tree shown in my blog post yesterday, narrowly missed the injection pit for the dehumidifier. Water drains from the roof of the house and the dehumidifier down a pipe which drains over 100 feet from the house into a injection pit near the river. If the tree had hit the injection pit pipe, we would not have been able to start dehumidifying the house so quickly.

I wish this blog had a scratch and sniff widget so you could experience the smells in and around the house. It has taken a while to get used to and the best description would be—dead fish.

Tomorrow, a noted wood conservator will visit to begin assessment of the primavera panels on the core of the house, as well as the teak wardrobe.

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Bry said...

Good luck with the cleanup.

If you are reading this, please donate to help save one of the true gems we have in Illinois. This wonderful home is a masterpiece that is worth saving!