Friday, September 19, 2008

HVAC is Up and Running

The HVAC specialist, Dennis Smith from Artlip Heating and Cooling came back out on Thursday and got the second dehumidifier and floor heat up and running. The Farnsworth House has exaggerated dehumidification capacity upgraded by the previous homeowner, Lord Palumbo, to protect his artwork from
humidity and prepare for the eventuality of additional floods.

I took some photos of the varying levels of silt build up to better illustrate the river’s varying effects on the floor surfaces. They represent the lower deck, the upper exterior deck and the interior. They were merely wiped with a cloth and so aren’t as clean as they will be after appropriate treatment, but I think they illustrate the impact.

We are working with several professional conservators and flood restoration specialists to collect a range of advice on the most appropriate actions. Pre-planning can be discussed and is highly advised for any emergency situations, but there is nothing like an actual drill to give you a reality check. We are learning a lot and will document our findings for our own benefit as well as the benefit of others.
Whitney French
Site Manager for the Farnsworth House operator - Landmarks Illinois
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