Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Real Work Begins

We have all of the collections out of the house so we can protect them while we get to work cleaning up the mess and fixing the damage. My movers were a great group of friends and volunteers and I am extremely grateful!

The assessments are in full swing and a wide array of recommendations are being made by a slew of noted experts whose opinions are varied and approaches diverse. We are hosting a bunch of meetings tomorrow that include another round of experts followed by the decision makers locked in a room at the end of the day to discuss the various options.

Our insurance adjuster is coming on Thursday. It will be interesting to see his reaction to our unique situation. This isn't the typical "throw out the drywall and insulation and start again" scenario.

One shining light, the weather has been gorgeous. Today has been high 70s sunny and breezy, perfect weather for drying out a flooded landscape. The path is still absolutely beyond navigation. I went about 15 feet and emerged with 20 pounds of mud caked to the bottom of my shoes.

We have received a wide array of comments and well wishes from fans of the Farnsworth House and I would like to extend a global thank you to all. I try to answer everyone personally, but its not always possible, so please understand that your emails are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I created a post on our blog, www.thepostfamily.com to aid in restoration efforts. Please let me know if there is any other way we can possibly help. I've spoken to many people about it and can easily activate an army of people to come help if needed.

Best wishes and hope this landmark is restored even more beautiful than it was before.

Annie said...

Here in Houston Ike was heartbreaking enough, then I learn about your wonderful Farnsworth House. I made my on-line donation this morning and posted donation info on my blog, www.thebunnybungalow.com. This Mies van der Rohe masterpiece is at the top of my list of places I plan to visit before I die and I'm vintage verging on antique; so we need to get the place fixed up soon!

Eve Martel said...

I can't believe it, this is so sad. I'm actualy criying a little bit.